Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Handwriting iPhone App from Kate Gladstone

Yes -- the iPhone/iPodTouch application Kate Gladstone has been developing is finally out!
See the informational page (includes download link for
iPhone/iPodTouch users) at .

If you know anyone who has (or whose children have)

/a/ an iPhone or an iPodTouch,
/b/ US$2.99,
/c/ handwriting that could use some help

how about mentioning the app to him or her?

Yours for better letters, Kate Gladstone
Handwriting Repair/Handwriting That Works
and the World Handwriting Contest
6-B Weis Road, Albany, NY 12208-1942
518/482-6763 -
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Book of the Month:

Readings for Fluency
by Gloria Goldsmith
This book is for any student who does not read fluently or with little or no expression, even if the student reads at grade level.
It targets the little words (such as how and who) that tend to be confused. For a student to read fluently, these words must become automatic. This book purposefully uses many types of fonts including a handwriting font and all capitals in order to improve the decoding skills of many students who have difficult identifying letters when the letter looks slightly altered in size or shape from the font they are used to seeing.
To make the learning easier, the readings are in paired sentences. The tutor reads a sentence (often a question) and then the student reads the next.
Set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes. Don't feel obligated to read the entire page. If you can, fine. If you read it twice in fifteen minutes, that's great. You can switch to having the student read the question and you read the answer. Model what you want the student to do: read with enthusiasm and punctuation. The voice drops down on periods and up on questions.
Don't waste learning times by having your student sit and try to sound out a word. Count to two, if necessary, and then give them the word. Be sure to encourage and praise your student when they have accomplished today what they couldn't do yesterday. Give as much help as needed each time. They will learn. Available at at 33% Off.