Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Quick Tip

Quick Tip
Six Great Things About Homeschooling!
By Christine Field
Quick! What are the top six things you absolutely LOVE about 
homeschooling? Do they include...
(1) The joy of meeting your child's learning needs - wherever 
they are. In homeschooling, we soon forget if our child is 
"ahead" or "behind." We work with them at their own level 
of need, and speed.
(2) Scheduling flexibility. Start school at 8 a.m., 1 p.m.,
7 p.m., or any time in between! The work schedule of spouses 
and others can be accommodated to allow for more family time.
(3) Following your child's interests. If your young child 
takes a fancy to butterflies, you can study butterflies to 
your heart's the library, on field trips to 
botanical gardens, state parks and other learning centers, etc. 
You are not bound to only study butterflies when your child 
is in 3rd grade, during the 5th month of instruction.
(4) Helping your child see connections. Studying butterflies 
is more than an insect study. Delve into color, art, the 
science and physics of how they fly, scientific discoveries, 
the role of butterflies in human history, in costumes, 
and their etymology - what does the word "butterfly" mean, anyway?
(5) Having all your kids together. While you sometimes want to 
pull your hair out at the prospect of another day of 
all-together-time, having them home is a special time in your 
family's life.
(6) Being able to stay in your pajamas all day! Your child 
doesn't have to wait until Pajama Day at school. Every day 
can be Pajama Day, or crazy hair day, or, today we're having 
dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner day, 
or we're all wearing something green day...or...
What about you? Make a list of your top six and come share 
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