Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Material by Kate Gladstone of Handwriting Repair to Come Out Soon

Posted by Kate Gladstone of Handwriting Repair

A good friend of AVKO, Kate Gladstone, has an upcoming product launching. Since many of AVKO's members have problems with handwriting (and/or dysgraphia), and since Kate is a pre-eminent handwriting specialist, we are excited to share this new product information with you. We will keep you posted with updates:


If "handwriting can't matter" in the Cyber Age ...

... why does the SAT exam now include a timed, handwritten essay?

... why do most employers still require applicants to complete one or more forms by hand?

... why do hundreds of blog entries and Twitter posts daily describe the blogger's or poster's poor handwriting or complain about the poor handwriting of others?

Computers will never completely replace other writing tools -- not unless someone can invent a computer the size of a pencil or pen, costing the same as a pencil or pen, and needing no electric power supply. (After Hurricane Katrina, millions of teachers and students who had supposed that "handwriting can't matter" learned otherwise when they had to spend a school year without computers.)

Computers and cell-phones haven't eliminated handwriting -- they have merely tempted people to stop teaching and learning the subject. This may change in September, though. As millions of schoolchildren head back to the classrooms, expect to announce a startling new product that may forever change the way we think about teaching, learning, and using handwriting.
Stay tuned ...


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