Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Famous Dyslexics

There are many famous people with dyslexia. They have overcome the obstacles associated with dyslexia and gone on to become famous, beloved, and successful. These icons may help alleviate some guilt or negative self images associated with being dyslexic. Let your students know about these stars:

[These are only a few of the many, many celebrities with dyslexia.]

Ansel Adams
Muhammad Ali
Hans Christian Andersen
Orlando Bloom
Erin Brockovich
George Burns
Winston Churchill
Tom Cruise
Pierre Curie
Leonardo da Vinci
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
Michael Faraday
Henry Ford
Danny Glover
Whoopi Goldberg
Earnest Hemingway
John Irving
Eddie Izzard
Andrew Jackson
Thomas Jefferson
Steve Jobs
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
John Lennon
Jay Leno
Charles Lindbergh
Gavin Newsom
Sir Issac Newton
Ozzy Osbourne
George S. Patton
Pablo Picasso
Keanu Reeves
Nelson Rockefeller
Auguste Rodin
Nolan Ryan
Charles Schwab
Tom Smothers
Britney Spears
Steven Spielberg
Ted Turner
Mark Twain
Liv Tyler
Vincent van Gogh
Andy Warhol
George Washington
Robin Williams
Woodrow Wilson
Henry Winkler
Loretta Young

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