Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Using AVKO Materials for ESL

AVKO's materials are not only great for homeschooling, dyslexia remediation, and school systems, but they are also great for ESL (English as a Second Language) training. An ESL learner can really benefit from the common sense, low-cost, and quick methods that AVKO's materials offer -- from basal curriculum (Starting at Square One) to fluency exercises (Word Families in Sentence Context; Readings for Fluency) to focusing on those tricky homophones and heteronyms (The Tricky Words) or other issues that give grief to even fluent speakers (Apostrophes, It-ss and Too'ze, and I Before E Rule)

Starting at Square One and Word Families in Sentence Context are available for FREE with AVKO Membership.

See the complete list of AVKO Materials on our website.

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