Saturday, May 9, 2009

New AVKO Materials: Engaging Language Kits!

AVKO is proud to announce that we have have introduced a new line of supplemental curriculum materials for language arts: Engaging Language Kits (by Brian McCabe).  Each of these seven kits corresponds to one of the levels of Sequential Spelling to reinforce the word families learned in that level.  Each kit has over 125 pages of activities for your students:

  • Creative writing prompts
  • Word games using the word families of the Sequential Spelling level
    • Anagrams
    • Word Searches
    • Scrambled Words
    • Missing Word Families
    • Speech to Spelling Translation
  • Dictation exercises
  • Story writing
  • Readings for Comprehension
  • Helpful Appendix Items for Even More Activities and Prompts
Though these activities correspond to each of the levels of Sequential Spelling, one needn't be teaching Sequential Spelling to use these exercises with students.  They will complement any language arts curriculum or just for fun!  They ascend in level of difficulty with each volume (level of abstract thought, word families presented, etc.).

Each Engaging Language Kit costs only $12.95 and comes in a 3-ring binder for easy access to the worksheets.   Use the e-coupon code "blog" to receive a 10% discount on your order.  

Buy the Engaging Language Kit 1 now: 

or visit to purchase the other levels.

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