Friday, June 10, 2011

A Few Writing Suggestions

A Few Writing Suggestions

When I write a paper on the computer here is what works for me. When I first start writing I just brain storm and purge all my ideas on to the paper, good ones, silly ones, ones I am not sure about. I just type them down and hit space about four times and type another one. I am not worried about grammar or wording it perfectly. I just type it all down so I won’t forget about them. In the course of writing, ideas (for me anyways) just pop in my head and I go back to my “Idea Area” and type them down. This gives me better clarity of thought of not having to try and remember all the ideas I have rolling around in my head.

My next suggestion is to use the “Save As” feature. You are typing along and all is going well. Your paper is starting to take shape and is looking pretty good, but you want it better. You are thinking about doing this and that to improve it, but, you are afraid if you do those things you may mess it up. My Suggestion: is to use the “Save As” feature. Just put a “1” at the end of the filename of your paper. So it will become: Term Paper1. That will remove the fear of making changes. If you do something that you don’t like you can always go back to the version before you made the change. As you go along, every so often instead of just saving the file, hit “Save As” and add another number, Term Paper2. Etc, etc, etc.

Happy writing and be sure to have someone else proof read your paper!

Robert McCabe

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