Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sequential Spelling DVD Tips

Sequential Spelling DVD Tips


No two computers and dvd player software are the same. If you experience problems using the DVD, please try using a different computer DVD players software or a different computer.

Computer Tips:

  1. The space bar can be used as the play and pause button on most computer DVD programs.
  2. If a menu doesn’t appear to work make sure the DVD is not paused by pressing the space bar.
  3. If the screen looks odd because you have resized the screen it will go back to normal when the next word is given or you can hit the chapter previous [P] or next [N] button to reload the screen.
  4. If the screen goes black when you hit the pause button try and maximize your application.
  5. Avoid the scroll button on your mouse as it can cause the DVD to exit as it is a fast forward command.
  6. If you hit the next chapter button or [N] on the final word list in each day’s list you may get a black screen for around 7 seconds. This is not an error and the DVD will resume. To avoid this black screen delay, avoid pressing the next chapter button on the last slide containing all the words from that day.

If you are having issues with a Sequential Spelling DVD that is not listed here please send an email to the manufacturer at support@instructmi.com.. Include the DVD volume number, disc number, day number, word number, and the revision number found on the back of the DVD case in your email.



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