Friday, October 14, 2011

A Challenge to Educational Researchers

A Challenge to Educational Researchers

To adequately establish the relationship of reading test scores to spelling, a baseline study must be conducted. The last such study was done in 1954! For a better, up-to-date study to be made, we need the input of researchers as well as teachers, parents, and employers. We will assist you in any way we can to get grants for this purpose.

· Word Difficulty Survey This test demonstrates that almost everybody recognizes that the word difficulty factor is not as much related to either length or frequency but to whether or not the significant pattern in the word has been taught.

· Summary of Traditional Spelling Research

· Research Proposal to U.S. Department of Education and University Researchers

· Spelling Research Survey Form

· 97% Literacy by Age 15--An Achievable Goal if Set

· Starting at Square One A phonics curriculum FREE to AVKO members. This is the only one ever based on systematic learning AS the alphabet is being mastered, not after. It is also free to researchers who want to enter uncharted waters.

In order for AVKO to improve our research, and for researchers to see the importance of having another study conducted, please print out our Reading/Spelling Research Survey Form and disseminate it to as many of your colleagues as you can and then return them to us.

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