Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Speed Reading

Speed Reading – Teaching Tip

Teaching Tip: If you want to help your child increase his silent reading speed, there are two major ways. One, spend lots of money on speed reading technology. Or two, once a day you can have your child read as fast as he can with a pencil while you set your kitchen timer for 10 minutes When the timer dings, he stops and marks his place. He counts the lines he has read and enters into his journal. Each day he tries to read a few more lines than the day before. The one thing you will want him to do in addition to reading as quickly as can is to underline any word he is not 100% sure of. You can tell him the reason. Things that are not important, we skip. We don’t want to skip words and give our God-given computer brains the wrong message. Things that are important, we underline. The message becomes clear to our computer brains that there is a problem to solve. Quite often, after underlining the same word several times, your child will know what the word is without knowing why he knows. Or, because he knows that word must be important to know, he will ask, “Hey mom, what’s this word?” And he’ll remember it.

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