Friday, March 27, 2009

Get Your Students Excited About Reading with a Mailbox!

AVKO really encourages the use of the home environment to expose kids to regular reading...and even to...*gasp*...get them excited about reading. There are lots of simple and fun ways to do this, just by using what you have in the home. For example, the fridge is one of the easiest ways to implement a regular reading exercise, without making it really feel like an exercise. Post a cartoon, clipping from a newspaper or magazine, or vocabulary word with definition on the fridge. Each time that your child goes to the fridge for that day, he is going to see (and read!) what you put up there. This is an easy way to reinforce a spelling word that he missed the day before, or to preview a tricky word that will be coming up in a few lessons. You could also use the bathroom mirror, the bedroom door, a dry-erase board hanging up, or a bulletin board that is in a common place.

Another great way to accomplish this same idea is to give your child his own mailbox. Everyone loves to receive mail, and kids are no different! Slip in the reading for that day and your child will be excited to read it. See the Homeschool Tips blog for more information.

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