Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Help Spread the Word About AVKO

Help spread the word about AVKO's services. Tell your friends, family, teachers, students, and community members about the services and resources that we provide, including our free and low-cost materials for language arts and keyboarding. We have added some more literature to the website to help others share what they love about AVKO.

- Overview of AVKO Services (PDF)
- Sequential Spelling tri-fold Brochure (PDF)
- Flyer to Help Create an Adult Literacy Course (PDF)
- Flyer to Recruit Volunteers for AVKO (PDF)
- A form letter to send to potential AVKO retailers (DOC)
- A form letter to send to libraries informing them of the resources we can provide them to better serve their community (DOC)
- A form letter to send to companies who might be interested in donating time, donations in-kind, or advertising to AVKO (DOC)
- A form letter to send to other non-profit organizations who might be interested in partnering with AVKO, establishing a referral network, and pooling our respective resources (DOC)

Become a volunteer for AVKO yourself!

Get involved in your community -- here are some ways to help out your community.

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