Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Supplemental Curriculum Materials for Members

Ever dedicated to providing as many resources as possible to our members, AVKO has added a section of the website dedicated to supplemental curriculum materials. This includes free handouts, worksheets, and lesson plans for language arts. For starters, we have added a worksheet allowing for a word or phrase (this is great for idioms, proverbs, or single words) and its meaning on the left column and a place for a picture to be drawn. This method works very well for learning definitions and meanings of phrases because the meaning is not simply memorized from the dictionary, but it is made more personal by the making of a mental image that reminds the student of the meaning. We have included many resources of lists of idioms, vocabulary words, and proverbs/adages for use with the worksheet or for other lessons of your own making.

We have also included word searches created from the words tested in the evaluation tests of each of the Sequential Spelling levels. Use these as a nice break from the normal spelling lessons, or for an extra credit exercise.

Finally, we have added some pre-made flashcards for vocabulary words and definitions. Whereas this method does not work well for many students, it can work well for students who simply trying to improve an already large vocabulary or who are more auditory than visual.

More supplemental curriculum materials will be added in the near future. If you have any special requests, please let us know!

These materials can be accessed from the members' section of the AVKO website.

Become a member today, for only $25.00 a year. Other membership benefits include a wealth of humorous and informative readings for comprehension, a 25% discount on all materials ordered during active membership, special members only discounts, and 5 free e-books for language arts reference, creating your own language arts curriculum, learning how to tutor the AVKO way, and other supplemental exercises for use with any language arts curriculum.

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