Friday, June 19, 2009

Kindle in the Classroom

By Gloria Goldsmith

AVKO's materials are available on Kindle.

I have read several articles in the last few weeks about the use of Kindle for general classroom learning and how they may well change our educational establishments, both in public schools and schools of higher learning.

The possibilities for Colleges and Universities to adopt the use of Kindles initially are greater since technology usage is higher among college students and they are always looking for an inexpensive way to snag the required texts for classes. The cost for a textbook versus a Kindle download is about 25 to 32% cheaper for the student and the savings to the environment means less paper used and printing required, so less energy used. That seems positive.

Some school districts have already been calculating the savings in textbooks that is possible. Schools are waiting with bated breath for the price of the Kindle to lower enough (dramatically) that it would make the acquisition of a few thousand feasible for their school district.

Some of the newest models, Kindle DX, and Kindle 2 have been criticized as less classroom friendly, which seems odd (heads up, manufacturer), since school district purchases would be a boon to the bottom line sales numbers of this newer device and could be the very trend that could make them inexpensive enough to become a mundane back-to-school expenditure.

What are your thoughts of this newest trend?

Here are a couple of articles voicing some other opinions.

There are several articles at this website,

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