Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make a Collage...or Découpage with Words

A fun summer activity you can do with your kids is to make a collage or découpage project. To make this education, you can use snippets from old encyclopedia, discarded (and tattered books) from the library, magazines, your own calligraphy or written out words, Word Art for Microsoft Word, or anything else verbal. This can be useful for vocabulary words you are trying to teach, examples of foreign words (a French vocabulary table top, e.g.), words of a certain word family (the -at words, e.g.), or just a hodgepodge of words that sound good to you.

Learn how to découpage at

This can be very versatile if you make multiple word collages to fit the size of your table and then put a sheet of glass overtop of that. Then you could even use a washable marker to write on the glass -- cross of words that were learned (great for goal-oriented learning), write out definitions, or silly comments / messages among family members.

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