Friday, March 4, 2011

AVKO Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The AVKO Educational Research Foundation, founded in 1974, has as its mission the following, and is pursued by AVKO's research endeavors:

  1. To determine what makes the learning of reading and spelling so difficult for some and so easy for others.
  2. To determine what it is about our language that good readers learn without being taught that poor readers don't.
  3. To determine whether or not that which poor readers don't learn is ever systematically taught and if it isn't, if it can be.
  4. To devise techniques and materials to enable teachers (or parents) to systematically teach poor readers and/or poor spellers that which schools presently are not teaching.
  5. To widely disseminate its discoveries of techniques and materials that enable dyslexics to learn to read and to spell.

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