Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spill Chick Yore Dock You Mints

Ewe Kin Awl Weighs Spill Chick Yore Dock You Mints

Spill Chiggers Ewe Knighted
1234 Doe Nuts Treat
Sue Saint Mary, MI 49599

No member 7, 2000

Mist Spill Bond
Spilling Check Hers, Ink.
1259 Board Weigh
Gnu Yoke, NY 11012

Dare Misses Spill Bond:

Ewe mite hove use sum spill check her witch came mitt yore come pewter. Its grate at pudding marts fore awl two fined miss steaks aye kin knot sea. Aye dun putt you're lions write threw bye tie ping sew care fully. Its go wing too be purr fit an eye no its gone a bee be cause are calm pewter tolled me an yew an every buddy a round hear sew.

Sin sear Lee,

Tom Us Jack Sun

You can always spellcheck your documents

Spellcheckers United
1234 Doughnut Street
Sault Ste Marie, Michigan 49599

November 7, 2000

Miss Spellbound
Spelling Checkers, Inc.
1259 Broadway
New York, NY 11012

Dear Mrs. Spellbound:

You might have used some spell checker which came with your computer. It's great at putting marks for all to find mistakes I cannot see. I done put your lines right through by typing so carefully. It's going to be perfect and I know it's going to be because our computer told me and you and everybody around here so.


Thomas Jackson

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