Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reading Tips

Reading Tips

from the National Center for Family Literacy

National Family Literacy Day was November 1. But every day is a good day to read with your family! Here are some tips to help improve reading skills from NCFL.

Reading is a skill that gets better with practice. Make reading fun. It is not all about drill.

Encourage reading everywhere! Have your child read street signs and T-shirts. Get him to help with cooking (reading recipes, labels and shopping lists). Have your child keep track of family activities on a calendar. Give your child choices in what he reads. Magazines are appealing. They have short articles with colorful pictures. Poems are another great way to motivate. They are short and give the child a sense of accomplishment when read.

Set reading goals. Reward reading with incentives of importance to your child. Learn what interests your child and connect that to reading. Is there a museum near your home
that would be of interest? Read about famous athletes in a favorite sport or a favorite movie.

Read everyday as a family. Make learning new words fun. The more words a reader knows, the more he comprehends what he reads or hears. Have conversations about interesting words. Give your child a "kid-friendly" definition and then use the word in conversation. Help your child write a letter to a grandparent, family friend or pen pal.

Show your child reading is important in your life. Be sure your child sees you enjoying reading for pleasure.

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