Friday, April 24, 2009

The (Complete) I Before E Rule

I'm sure you learned "The" I Before E Rule when you were growing up. But, I'm sure that you also experienced some angst when it came to spelling ie/ei words because the "rule" that you learned just didn't cut the mustard, so to speak. Luckily AVKO has you covered. We have the complete I Before E rule that will show you how to handle those "exceptions" and master the rule.

So, I Before E, except after C...but what what "science" and "weight"?

The Complete I Before E Rule - With Explanations

Memorize the following poem and learn how to apply each part of the rule. Explanations
Use i before e Unless you have a reason not to, use ie as in thief, believe, priest, etc.

Except after c except after c Means: use cei as in receive, deceive, ceiling, etc.

Or when sounded as "EYE" or "AY"
as in Einstein and weigh.
Or when sounded as EYE or AY Means: use ei in "EYE" words such as Einstein, Eileen, Heidi, stein, Steinbrenner, etc. It also means use ei in "AY" words such as weigh, eight, vein, veil.

Neither, weird, foreign, leisure,
Seize, forfeit, and height
Are Exceptions spelled right
And so are: protein and caffeine forfeiture, codeine, heifer, etc. Memorize these!

But don't let the C-I-E-N words get you uptight! Means: cien as in efficient, ancient, conscience, and sufficient etc.

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