Thursday, April 2, 2009

Need Some Extra Cash? Hook New Retail Partners for AVKO!

Do you need some extra pocket money?  While making money, you'll help others achieve literacy for the first time, overcome problems associated with dyslexia, and increase self-esteem for thousands who previously thought themselves to be stupid.  Become an AVKO sales representative and procure new retail partners for AVKO and earn a commission.  We will provide you with all of the promotional materials you will need (or digital copies if international) to provide information to prospective retailers.  

See the Retailers' Section of the AVKO website for more information, including many of our promotional materials, advertising graphics, logos, New Distributor Form, promotional materials request form, etc.   View our entire catalog of materials and download the PDF (web-viewable and foldable versions available).   Commissions will vary depending on the amount purchased by the new distributor and the size of its distribution network (single physical store, worldwide website/warehouse, national bookstore, etc.)

You can also earn commissions for referring people to become a member of the AVKO Foundation.  Earn 10% of the retail price of Individual and Institutional AVKO Membership.
You may choose to put the code to our shopping cart items on your own website (or blog) and have customers buy that way, earning you 10% for each membership and 5% of all other retail sales (excluding donations).  

Contact Brian McCabe (Brian @, the Operations Manager of AVKO for more information and to receive your Referral Code.  

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