Sunday, April 12, 2009

Free Educational Worksheets

Every curriculum should include some built-in fun. This includes recess, non-educational games, non-specifically educational films, puzzles and riddles, and educational worksheets. Here, we've composed a list of a few such resources that you and your students will appreciate.

  • AVKO's list of online word games - View this list of fun and popular word games online. Nearly all of them are free.
  • Sequential Spelling crossword puzzles, free with AVKO membership - These crossword puzzles made out of the Sequential Spelling evaluation tests will review the word families learned throughout the series.
  • Worksheet Works - This free resource site has worksheets for math, geography, spelling, miscellaneous topics, and even puzzles! You can customize the worksheets to suit your needs, print them out, and use them at your will.
  • Check out Homeschool Well's blogpost of the same topic for some more great links. I'd recommend that you subscribe to this blog.

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