Saturday, April 4, 2009

Language Arts Curriculum Planning on a Budget with AVKO

AVKO understands that homeschoolers and even school educators have an imperative to provide the best possible curriculum, meet the individual needs of each student, and minimize preparation time -- all while staying within a strict budget. With AVKO, a strict budget does not mean that you have to restrict yourself or make compromises that lower the integrity and quality of the education that you provide. We have therefore added a new page to the AVKO website devoted to curriculum planning. Visit the new AVKO Curriculum Planning page for resources to supplement your existing program, or create a complete language arts curriculum from the AVKO materials. Whether you are working with dyslexics, gifted children, English as a Second Language, adults, normal children, or high schoolers preparing to go off to college, AVKO has the materials you need for your language arts program.

Download the new weekly language arts curriculum planning guide that shows you how to integrate the AVKO materials into your school week.

AVKO will help you design a completely customized language arts curriculum to meet your children's specific needs -- while staying within your own budget and limitations as far as preparation time. Contact us for more information.

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