Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Novel Technique for Teaching Keyboarding

AVKO firmly believes that mistakes are opportunities to learn. In fact, we use this motto in a lot of our materials. Learning keyboarding is no exception. In fact, one has to get past making mistakes while learning to type in order to build up speed and accuracy. So, we have provided you with the instructions of how to temporarily disable the backspace key (replaced with the asterisk [*] symbol) on your computer. So, every time the student pushes the backspace button, an asterisk symbol appears. This method will allow you to re-map a PC's keyboard and change any keys to what you want as well. Note that this method makes global changes -- this will affect every program on the machine until the action is reversed.

Download the PDF Instructions on how to use this free piece of software (KeyTweak) and get started today.

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