Monday, July 4, 2011

Drumming and Expression

Drumming and Expression

I was diagnosed with ADD or hyperactivity as it was known at the time of my diagnosis (early 1970's). I was a kid who couldn't sit still, talked out of turn at school and at home and was very impulsive. For those of you who know me, you're probably thinking that nothing has changed and I am the same as was as a child. My thoughts and feelings are the same but I have learned to control my actions and behaviors through the study of Emotional Intelligence. I am still a work in progress but I am getting there.

In addition to taking Ritalin for many years, my parents bought me a practice pad, drum sticks and some drum lessons. They believed drumming would be one way for me to dissipate some of the overwhelming energy I carried with me every day. Today, almost 40 years after my diagnosis I still play my drums (acoustic drums from Drum Workshop) almost every day. It has proven to be both a physical and emotional outlet and a place for me to create art both privately and publicly. I am so grateful to my parents for encouraging me to play an instrument that evolved into a passion.

I tell you about my experience with ADD and the drums because for some of you it may be time to find a passion and/or an outlet. Music is inspiring and educational. It is a place where we can lose ourselves and escape from the reality we are forced to face every day in our lives. You may already have a hobby/passion that you find therapeutic pleasure in. If not, today is a new day to try one. It doesn't have to be the drums or even an instrument. It can be writing, a sport or exercise, another type of art or starting a new hobby that you have been thinking about but haven't taken action. I highly encourage you to try something and look for a way or ways to feel better about getting through the obligations and responsibilities that we all have.

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