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How to REINFORCE Spelling Words

How to REINFORCE Spelling Words

by Gloria Goldsmith

Check out the various writing assignments AVKO has developed in the Engaging Language Kits 1-7 meant to be used in tandem with Sequential Spelling 1-7 for students who respond to writing reinforcement.

Using the spelling words in a writing assignment is a great method for tucking them into long term memory. However, students can only do so many writing assignments. Real-life situations in game playing are the best, most eye-opening training camp. Playing Word Games teaches much more beyond correct spelling. It can teach sportsmanship, fairness, rules, strategy, planning ahead, playing with a partner, communication skills, how to have fun with a sibling and just plain ole' sharing laughter with friends and family.

AVKO has several suggested links on our web site to Eons, Bible, Great Day, Secret Files and many other word games links are available.

Best Word Games: are FUN yet learning takes place

Wheel of Fortune: Overall Best word game to play- (
Teach strategies: 1. knowing the most common letters in English 2. thinking of the ending patterns - ing, -ness, -tion the -n has a different placement in each one. 3. letters that are commonly found together th, ex, qu, and at the ends of words –nd 4. watch the game on TV and practice figuring out the quiz.

Hang Man using the current spelling words... and some of the harder words from the past word families.

Scrabble - two or more players, based partly on the luck of the draw, plus requires strategy thinking.

1. Ask yourself, what can I add to the other player(s) word to lengthen it?

A prefix or suffix: so regular becomes irregular or respond becomes responded.

2. What new word can I create from one or more letters on the board, plus which of my letters will give me

the most points?

AVKO-Scrabble – 1 to 4 players. A player selects a word from current or past spelling lists and finds those letters from the Scrabble squares. Use a cup or plastic drinking glass to shake and dump the letters on a table. The other three players turn over the letters and work out which spelling word it is. First one to call out the word within 3 minutes gets the point. The first to reach 10 points is the winner.

Taboo - The idea of the game is to get your teammates to say a particular spelling word. You write down a spelling word, keeping it tucked in your pocket and try to get your teammates to say that word by using clues only, and not saying certain words that are too related to the word. For example, if the word was 'television' you could give clues such as "a thing that you watch shows on, something you watch NBC on" or other related clues, but not "what the letters TV stand for" The harder the word you choose, the more difficult it is to find the appropriate clues and get your teammates to guess.

Sidewalk Hopscotch - Give your student(s) each a piece of chalk and have them draw 12 to 16 LARGE rectangles in singles and doubles on the driveway or sidewalk. Fill in each rectangle with a different spelling word. Use a small rough stone with lots of edges and let them roll it toward their target word. The rectangle it lands nearest is their word. They hop to the word, pick up the stone, look up at the sky and spell the word aloud. If they spell it correctly they go forward from that word. If they spell it incorrectly, they have to come back to their last position.

The goal is to go to the end and come back first. The winner should get some sort of prize. I like a home-made Crown for the King or Queen of the Hopscotch! Of course the King or Queen get to do a Victory Dance, making it all the more fun!

Table-Top Hopscotch - played in-doors for winter games or if you have no sidewalks

or paved driveways. It is played the same way except using paper. (Tape two pieces or more together.) Use a small piece of paper wadded into a ball as your stone. And instead of hopping by foot they hop their fingers over the course, slapping their hand over the target word they are to spell. Without peeking, they spell the word to you. If correct, put a bingo chip or paperclip there to mark it while the next player has his turn. If not correct they go back to their previous position. Be sure the winner gets a Crown and Victory Dance.

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