Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Get the Most from the AVKO Spelling Program

How to Get the Most from the AVKO Spelling Program in

Three Easy Lessons

By Gloria Goldsmith

LESSON 1: Follow the Directions

Sequential Spelling: Whenever a parent calls with a problem, I always ask them to tell me in detail how they are going about giving the lessons to their student.

Almost every time, we discover the parent/teacher has left out an important step in delivery. They aren't using sentences, or they decide to spell the word aloud instead of writing it out, or they forget about the use of color coding when writing the words on a dry erase or chalkboard, or the very worst is when they proceed through the words without giving immediate feedback, or allowing the student time to erase and make immediate corrections.

The AVKO process is about giving your student the opportunity to use four of their five senses to learn. (If we could think of a way for them to use their olfactory [sense of smell] with all words, we'd promote that too!) For the best opportunity for comprehension and recall, the student must have AVKO sensory involvement that Following-the-Directions provide.

Hear the word, as Parent says it, uses it in a sentence Auditor

See the word written in color coded described method. Visual

Feel the "muscle memory" helping to shape the letters Kinesthetic

Say the word, pronounce the word out loud. (student) Oral

Here is a short hand version of the directions:

Say the word, use in sentence, say the word, IN

the student says word. SIN

Student writes in SRB - you color code it on board PIN

Student compares what he wrote with what you wrote: SPIN

if correct, on to the next word or SPINNING

if wrong -erase and makes IMMEDIATE CORRECTION

Lesson 2:

How to Use the Membership Books to their Greatest Potential

MEMBERSHIP: What's that? Why should I bother with it?
As a non-profit organization, AVKO exists to HELP adults and kids learn how to read and spell. AVKO has established an annual membership which provides the REFERENCE MATERIALS every child's classroom (even at home) should have available. Membership also gives you a 25% DISCOUNT on all AVKO books and DVD's. The Membership fee of only $25 you can download the E-book version of 6 reference, technical and informational books. We suggest you download the e-books to a CD or flash drive. The six books are:

1. The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: A Continuum from K - College (Pt 1)

For the parent/teacher to learn HOW and WHY.

2. The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: Starting at Square One (Pt 2)

K and 1st grade: Lesson Plans for teaching alphabet, AVKO Method

3&4. The Patterns of English Spelling, combined with New Word Families in Sentence Context

Resource books for every AVKO spelling program- see below

5. The Reading Teacher's List of Over 5,500 Basic Spelling Words

Find true reading level, check decoding and comprehension skills.

6. To Teach A Dyslexic

For those NOT dyslexic, to better understand their children who ARE.



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