Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Creating Your Own Sequential Spelling Tests

Creating Your Own Sequential Spelling Tests:

If you really want the fastest and most effective spelling program, create your own based on the word families your student does not know using the AVKO approach. For instructions on how to go about making your own Sequential Spelling tests, see our article on it. The basic process involves:

  1. Determine which word families your student has not mastered.
    You can use Individualized Spelling for a collection of pre-tests to determine which families are not known. You could also do your own spot checking of word families using The Patterns of English Spelling's listing of word families and all of the words that belong to them.
  2. Assemble the Sequential Spelling lists.
    Turn to the word family's page(s) in The Patterns of English Spelling and then select the words that you want to test. For help in determining the order of presentation of the word families you will teach, you may wish to consult the scope and sequence of word families throughout the Sequential Spelling books.
  3. Administer the Spelling tests using the AVKO method.
    See the reminders above and/or read the complete instructions of Sequential Spelling.

Note: A complete set of Sequential Spelling costs $134.95 and includes all seven levels with seven Student Response Books. With as little as The Patterns of English Spelling, you could create your own spelling program. As this is available for free with membership (as an e-book), you would pay only the cost of membership: $25.00!

With the recommended book of diagnostic and prescriptive pre-tests of word families (Individualized Spelling), it would still only cost you $47.46 plus shipping and handling! Add as many Student Response Books as needed for your customized program for only $9.95 each (less member discount, if applicable).

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