Monday, May 16, 2011

a real extreme makeover

Why not a real extreme makeover?
You choose the dyslexic/s. Don McCabe will help them learn that they can learn to read and write competently.

Meet Don McCabe the only expert on dyslexia who is a dyslexic himself and who will give straight answers and not excuses.

1. Can it be done in 6 hours? No.

2. Can it be done in 6 days? No, but a great start can be had.

3. Can it be done in 6 weeks?. Well, almost. The change will be startling.

4. Can it be done in 6 months?. Absolutely.

5. What is the secret? Daily tutoring using AVKO materials and techniques..

6. What will be used? The following books written by Don McCabe:
The Teaching of Reading and Spelling Starting at Square One
Sequential Spelling 1-7
The Tricky Words
The New Word Families in Sentence Context
The Patterns of English Spelling
Readings for Fluency
Apostrophes Made Easy
Speech to Spelling

Fun books from Dr. Seuss up through Newspapers, magazines, phone books, Harry Potter and The Bible.

7. Where would the extreme makeover take place? At the AVKO Reading Clinic in Birch Run, Michigan or wherever it is most convenient for the production crew to videotape it.

8. Would a parent or spouse be able to be there? You bet. They will receive training in tutoring and do much of it themselves.

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