Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Tricky Words

The Tricky Words

A Collection of Teacher-Directed, Student Self-Corrected Fun-filled & Information-packed Non-graded Exercises Designed for All Ages.


Level A

Level B

Level C

ant aunt Aunt

wouldn't wooden

bear bare

be bee Bea

hair hare

break brake

beat beet

sea see si C

by bye buy

hear here

seas sees seize C's

dear deer

heard herd

tea tee tees teas tease

flew flu flue

made maid

were we're where wear

him hymn

new knew gnu

weak week

Jim gym

know no

your you're their they're there

you yew ewe U

knows nose

you'll yule Ewell Yul

sight site cite

wood would

wheel we'll

right write rite

  • Each lesson has ten sentences with blanks for the targeted tricky word.
  • After each sentence, each student corrects his/her own mistakes.
  • Student answer sheets may be easily photocopied.
  • Each lesson previews other tricky words.
  • Each lesson after the first lesson reviews some of the previous words.
  • Each level has ten lessons with both pre and post tests.

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