Monday, May 2, 2011

Sequential Spelling Testimonials

Sequential Spelling Testimonials

I expect a spelling program that makes sense. SS makes SO much sense I'm surprised that I haven't seen the method everywhere. Additionally, when my son spells the "big words" right, it gives him SUCH pride and confidence.

We received this program about 1 1/2 weeks ago. My son, age 12 is on a 1st grade level in spelling. He HATES spelling. We started this program. His attitude has changed 100% already in just 12 days. He is already improved a lot. It is amazing. The biggest barrier we had was between his ears. Now he is being more positive about his spelling. He has an attitude he can do it. And he is. If he makes a mistake, he immediately learns from it. The next day he is better. He doesn't even fuss about 25 words a day now. It is amazing.

I like SS because it only takes 10 minutes a day and it works! Both my son and daughter's spelling have improved. Interestingly, I dropped writing the words using 2 different colors of dry erase markers for awhile. I simply read the correct spelling to them. I found that this wasn't as effective. There's something about them seeing the word written down and self-correcting. Whatever you're planning, I would recommend emphasizing the importance of the white board.

I enjoy homeschooling all 5 of my children. I enjoy the interaction with them as well. It is really fun to see my children's faces when they realize what is going on. They finally get it!! :) Thank you!!

Sequential Spelling is the smartest way to spell. I used it for my son who couldn't spell words in his spelling work book and could never pass a spelling test. My son is so proud of himself that he could actually spell words found in his readers. Thank God for you people.

I like how sequential spelling exposes students to unfamiliar words, improves their decoding skills in reading, and actually teaches them how to spell any word--not just content words.

I combine this program with teaching spelling rules. I love how my children get to work with word families and how the repetition sets things in their brains.

We love Sequential Spelling. It works for my son where traditional programs failed miserably.

I think the book I'm using is just about perfect for my daughter who has poor spelling skills. It also is fine for my son, who is a great speller. It introduces words he wouldn't usually get in a traditional method, so his vocabulary is expanding.

I like being involved in my children's education, so I don't find it essential that I have little to no preparation. I do find Sequential Spelling very easy to use and it lets me focus my preparation time on other subjects, so it helps me keep a balance. I'm also very confident that it is working very well.

Thank you so much for making the patterns of English, volumes free with membership. It wasn't before, and those with the patterns are, in my opinion, key to my son's learning...

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