Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Membership Books to their Greatest Potential

How to Use the Membership Books to their Greatest Potential

MEMBERSHIP: What's that? Why should I bother with it?

As a non-profit organization, AVKO exists to HELP adults and kids learn how to read and spell. AVKO has established an annual membership which provides the REFERENCE MATERIALS every child's classroom (even at home) should have available. Membership also gives you a 25% DISCOUNT on all AVKO books and DVD's. The Membership fee of only $25 you can download the E-book version of 6 reference, technical and informational books. We suggest you download the e-books to a CD or flash drive. The six books are:

1. The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: A Continuum from K - College (Pt 1)

For the parent/teacher to learn HOW and WHY.

2. The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: Starting at Square One (Pt 2)

K and 1st grade: Lesson Plans for teaching alphabet, AVKO Method

3&4. The Patterns of English Spelling, combined with New Word Families in Sentence Context

Resource books for every AVKO spelling program- see below

5. The Reading Teacher's List of Over 5,500 Basic Spelling Words

Find true reading level, check decoding and comprehension skills.

6. To Teach A Dyslexic

For those NOT dyslexic, to better understand their children who ARE.

What they CONTAIN and HOW to USE: For Use with ANY AVKO Spelling Program

The AVKO Philosophy: The Why

The Teaching of Reading and Spelling: A Continuum from Kindergarten to College

It contains the whys and wherefores of the AVKO philosophy and method of teaching spelling, reading, handwriting, and keyboarding. A book for the parent/teacher, it not only gives the background on WHY but lets you begin to see that the flexibility of AVKO is why this method works so well for all ages and people with spelling and reading difficulties. It is a common sense, down-to-earth book on teaching all the parts of learning to communicate through the English language. As a supplementary textbook for Education Majors/parents/tutors/teachers, the learning to read process is defined, phonics in teaching reading and writing is discussed, an explanation of what part learning-to-write-letters-and-words has in the reading process, plus the spelling and reading connection information is given along with practical diagnostic and prescriptive tests and even activities and materials for the classroom. The second part – the “how”- actual lesson plans for teaching the alphabet and introducing reading, handwriting and typing is Starting at Square One.

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